The Romance of Ergon and Thallasai

Deep in wood of Great Skögr

A faint rustling dost I hear

As a lay of love recalleth I,

The tale of Ergon and Thallasai


Ergon was of human race,

Keen in eye, fair in face

Thallasai born of elf folk fair,

Eyes of blue, long gold hair.


In clearing this meteth they.

What more do I have to say?

Upon a log sat peasant Ergon,

As sangeth he a soft love song.


In this song was answered he,

With a low and beautiful melody.

Come forth from shadow was Thallasai,

As endeth song gave she a sigh.


Long she looked him in the eye,

“What be thy name?” asketh Thallasai.

So quoth Ergon, “We’er you seek name given or my name true,

Both here and now I gift unto you.”


“Ergon wast my given name,

with it I planned to win much fame.

But as for my name be true,

Agapoe se. I love you.”


Met they again in secret there,

For liveth they in constant fear

Of Thallasai’s father, elf high king.

So in quiet didst lovers sing


Love of heart grew so strong,

That they could not be part for long.

One day was followed Thallasai,

A lone elven guard, by.


Told was he through guard Uios,

The elven-king Kurios.

So went they to Ergon

When he was sitting all alone.


Uios in a fierce black rage,

Act as if a beast from cage.

With single stroke he killed Ergon,

Now Thallasai was all alone.


Of her lover’s death hearing

Had on her soul a fatal bearing.

Took she sword of elven guard

And with it pierced her broken heart.

By Gammäl Räkürin (Pronounced Gu-mail Rake-oo-rin)