Celtic Lent

As the Baptist made the road ready for our Savior’s Ascension

May we make our souls ready through Lenten devotion and sacrifice.

As Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert to purify Himself

May we through 40 days of reflection and devotion move closer to the Christ.

May our physical and spiritual families come together in Jesus.

By dying to self, may we be filled with abundance in the spirit.

 May joy be reignited within our hearts with the risen Christ

During Lent, may we practice the teachings of Jesus

Minister to the sick, give to the poor, love one another, inspire the human heart.

May we make Christ present for all humanity through our works of faith, hope and charity.

May we also be blessed with the return of the light to the whole of nature

May we be filled with joy at the resurrection of spring, the return of light to all living things.

May we learn to live in harmony with all living things as St Francis did

As the butterfly transforms from caterpillar to outward beauty so too may we transform from the sacrifice of lent to the inner beauty of the Christ.

May we remember that Christ is with us not only for major life events but also during the small mundane tasks of our day

 Christ makes all things joyful.

May we see Christ in the natural world, by seeing the resurrection in newly bloomed cherry blossoms, the return of the warmth of the Son.

May I give over the tribulations on the cross of my life to the salvation of Christ’s love and joy offered to me by Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

As the mighty Oak grows and stretches its outreach through its roots and branches so to

May I contemplate during Lent how I have grown and enhanced my relationship with Jesus and appreciation for all creation.

May we see Lent as a time of preparation for spiritual fertility and growth. 

Let us pray and remember that Jesus is before me, Jesus is within me, Jesus expands my compassion for all beings.

During this season, may I increase fertility in my heart, bring healing to others, and may the poetry of Christ’s words move my soul to action.

May I increase my devotion to the Trinity, a greater awareness of the indwelling Presence within, the Father, Son, and Spirit.

During Lent may I practice hospitality, always have a spirit of joy, and a deep sense of community to help others in the ways Jesus taught us.

By Tim Mather