Icy Gems

As above

So below

The snow falls

Silently and Steadily.

Icy gems of water

Each unique in their

Pattern and design.

Sky opens and cold

Takes shape and form

As the breath of the winds

And all of nature shakes

A frosty hand commanding

Our attention.

For this brief space

Of time all slows

In its usual frantic

Pace and looks

Outward marveling

At the beauty.

Ground of manifest earth

Is garbed in sky’s mystery

And silence falls heavy

And full in its profound


As above

So below

I await the

Outpouring of

Each unique gem

Of space and time

Held in the cold.

I open to the

Profound stillness

And find myself garbed

In the product of

Heaven’s downpour

Each word heard

Each face met

Each teaching found

Unique in its beauty.

By Robin Fennelly