The Unicorn and the Princess

There was a Magic

creature, of pure heart, once, cruelly chased,

By those who sought his death,

to then acquire, his magic horn.

Men sharpened knives and spears, and of sweet

pity, felt no trace.

They planned to kill the creature, by the name of


There, in that castle fortress, though, a pure and lovely


Quite independent, in the way, she chose to live and be,

Chose then,

to take a walk through woods, that soon led, into denseness,

Where she was

lost, and branches snatched, and would not let her free!

They clutched and

pulled her deeper, while dark legends, she recalled,

Of Dark Woods’ powers, now

found, to her sorrow, to be true.

Strength spent, and overcome with fear,

unconscious, she did fall,

While all around her, time passed, and it everdarker, grew!

The Unicorn approached, and with his magic gift, of Knowing,


recognized her purity and innocence, so fair,

And lying down beside her, vowed,

with eyes of softness, glowing,

To cherish and protect her, from all that

threatened, there!

She woke, and looking in his eyes, gained knowledge, he was


She felt no fear, but climbed upon his back, of shining white!


dark woods, back to castle home, he carried her, then stood,

Before the

hunters, with their spears, who sought, to take his life!

The Princess knelt

before the King, and asked for a decree,

To give thanks, for her rescue, from

dark forces, in the Wood,

That safe, from hunters sword and spear, the Unicorn

would be,

The King looked at the Unicorn, and saw there, only good.

And so, aproclamation rang, through Kingdom, far and near,

That safe from hunting,

Unicorn, was evermore, to be.

No longer, would the sword and spear be

something, he need fear!

In Kingdom, welcomed, loved and cherished, Unicorn

lived free!

By Donna Ferguson Dudley

(Copyright, 2015)