You Will Soon Regret

Chopping off trees,

Still yet to stop.

Garbage and dirt,

Still left to mop.

Beggars in rags,

Looking for things to get.

Do something,

Or you’ll soon regret.

Little orphans,

Begging for food.

Rich merchants,

Not in the mood.

Masons and labourers,

Toiled all day long.

Still get only a penny,

To stay afloat.

Parents divorced,

As soon as they met.

Do something, or

You’ll soon regret.

Homeless children,

Alive as dead.

Doing labour,

With bricks on their head.

Baby girls,

Born just to die.

Little chicks,

Hunted still yet to fly.

Don’t you realize,

This world is upside down?

Just made to cry,

Just made to frown.

You won’t feel,

But you will fret.

You won’t notice,

But you’ll soon regret!

By Yaiphabi (Age 8, India)