What Is Love?

What is love?

It is every love song you have ever heard wrapped in silver

It is the taste of amber fire on your tongue

It is a silken sheet both smooth and strong linking your hands

It is dancing down the beach with waves and sweat melting and mixing

It is being close without being cloying

It is placing your head on their chest and hearing your own heartbeat

It is a field of amaranth and simbelmynë

It is a woven song of starlight and dewdrops

It is made of butterflies caught in a prism of light

It is elusive incense smoke and twice as potent

It is a forest of sakura formed from snow

It is a golden rose with petals of wind-cast sand

It is innocence reflected with a shine of hope

It is seeing a world in a river stone’s smile

It is when dreams mirror reality until both intermingle

It is a multitude of paradoxes both tantalizing and frustrating

It is blood and tears and trust

It is not wanting to live when they have died

Is that love?


Then perhaps I speak only nonsense…

By Hikari Katana

(Read more of Hikari Katana’s works at her Deviant Art Page)