Love Matters

Love matters –
the gentle sway of my mind
when the bars have come down
and no edges stint my flow.

Love matters –
the opening incredulous
into permission so rare
that it’s possible
to breathe from the soul – out.

Love matters –
when spaciousness opens
like the widest yawn
and embraces hold the sky in totality –
when there is only natural you and me
playing in a sea of acceptance
and reverence.

Love treasures the self
that is blessed to simply shine
nothing held back
nothing stymied
nothing shamed or disqualified
all warmly welcomed onto the hearth of the heart –
all seen, all blessed, all treasured
as myriad jewels
reflecting the light of exquisite soul.

Love is the dance
that takes my limbs
and guides my flow,
that deep inner softening
as the walls drop
and condemnations turn to compliments,
as the old doubts smile at their irrelevance
and what’s possible gushes forth – irrepressible
because why would we even try
to limit
the love within us
that was born to fly?

By Clare Dakin

(Visit Clare Dakin’s environmental foundation Tree Sisters)