Brighid Crosses


Welcome first flower of spring, first flower of hope

 As the little crocus thrusts her leaves through the snow,

May I awaken from the deep slumber of introspection

And jump into the actions and work of Love and fertility

As the old stories are told, in the storehouse of lore,

Brighid as crone shed the wraps of death to become

Brighid the maiden, the deliverer of life

And brings forth the milk of life and seeds of abundance

And delivers the Sun, Aengus Og bringer of fruitfulness

And Dream Aengus blesses the seeds of dreams.

May our Brideo’gas and Brighid crosses

Bring protection, hospitality and prosperity to our door.

May we sweep out old cares to make room for growth and blessings.

May Blaze’s candle renew my hope for the rebirth of the Sun

For prosperity and help in our growth and dreams

 That plough the field of my heart

To make way for a renewal of heart and spirit

 May the hope of the Son fertilize and germinate

The seeds of Love that we have planted for the world

May the cross of Bride be a symbol of my faith

And light a bonfire within my Soul.

 At Candlemass may I rejoice at the return of the Son

May we rejoice in the newborn Son of Mary of the Gael

May we celebrate the Maiden Brighid

Patroness of poetry, healing, and smithcraft.

May the sacred flame of the forge burn within my heart,

Stirring me to action

May the fire blaze like a huge bonfire of inspiration

And illumination of the holy work to be done within my Heart.

May our faith be renewed like a hundred thousand candles in the seat of the Soul.

By Tim Mather