Two View Points

[Heartbeat Starts]


My heart dropped as my fears were confirmed

I was pregnant; for this I had not yearned

Where do I go?

To whom can I turn?


Hi there, Mommy

It’s little me

I’m your baby

Can’t you see?


I felt the tears running out of my eyes

Oh how I wish that this was a lie

Slowly I stood up and headed out

I needed to call him, there was no doubt


Hi, again, Mommy! Guess how old I am now?

You can now detect my brain waves, I don’t know how

But that means that I am 6 weeks!

I can move my hands, and soon my feet


He wants me to keep this thing

How can he not understand its sting?

Tomorrow I scheduled a consultation

After all this, I’ll deserve a vacation


Today I think I am feeling sad

Did I hear you say that I made you mad?

I’m sorry, Mommy, I didn’t mean to

I love you don’t you know that’s true?


Stupid doctor, says he wants me to wait

If I wait much more, it will be too late

I’ll try a different place

One that doesn’t cover the chairs in lace


I’m feeling really scared

Today I think that nobody has ever cared

Mommy, I’m here for you every day

Please, please don’t throw me away


Today I got the police to keep him away from me

He still wants the child, why can’t he see?

It isn’t a child yet!

Why can’t he just forgive and forget?


My little heart beats fast in fear

I do not like the things I can hear

Mommy, won’t you just listen to me?

I’m a little baby, can’t you see?


I can’t believe these people

Acting as though this sidewalk is a church with a steeple

Do they think they will change my mind?

That will never happen, they are in the blind


Today my fingernails started to show

Though, my hair has yet to grow

Oh, mother, can you hear them pray?

Will you not listen to what they say?


I can’t wait to get home in a few hours

To relax, maybe I’ll take a shower

Whatever I decide to do

I’ll be free from this curse

That’s so very true


Mommy! Make this stop

I’m really scared now

This thing is trying to kill me, somehow

I can’t keep swimming away

I want to be in your life to stay!


Oh, why am I in such pain?

But I guess there’s no pain, no gain

Soon it will be over for me

I’ll be able to go home, free


I can’t hold on any longer

I’m sorry that I am not stronger

Mommy, before I die

I just want to tell you goodbye…


[Heartbeat Stops]


Nightmares, why do you plague me so?

I didn’t do anything wrong, don’t you know?!

I need to be able to get my sleep

So shut up, don’t make another peep


Mommy, I’ll never stop loving you

I’m safe now, though once torn, its true

I don’t blame you for anything

I’m forgiving you for everything


When I first woke up, I was crying

I was so scared, after dying

Then an angel comforted me

I’m your special guardian now, if you ever need me


By Kateri Athanasius

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