The Sacred Heart in NYC

Blaring horns and traffic signs,

Yelling vendors, waiters seating.

Amidst the noise of New York City

The Sacred Heart of Christ is beating.


Downcast faces, murmurs, frowns,

Ragged clothes and aching feet.

Among the poor of New York City

The feet of Christ walk on the street.


Women with designer bags

And businessmen in suits and ties,

Amid the stress of great ambition

Forget the grace of Christ supplies.


People strive to find fulfillment,

To fill their bags and hearts by buying.

If only they could see that call.

For humble love Christ’s heart is crying.


People going everywhere,

No time to stop in snow or heat.

It seems that with this attitude,

Christ, the devil could defeat.


In the streets and cars of New York City,

Here Christ stands, his voice is pleading,

For hearts that love and minds that search.

For the conversion of souls his heart is bleeding.


A refuge from the noise, one seeks,

And found, the soul in peace does sigh.

A monstrance holding His sacred heart

No single soul can He deny.


In the midst of chaos, a church will stand,

Its steeple stretching up on high.

A challenge to workers and tourists alike

To hear the beating of a heart that cries.


Yes a challenge to one and a challenge to all,

To open up each ear and eye.

Can you hear? The Sacred Heart is beating

In the heart of the city which pierces the sky.

By Ashley Osmera