An Answered Longing

Years upon long years

Of men and ages past,

Waiting on the dawn,

When came our God at last

Like light to all the earth,

A trumpet call to break

The silence of all time,

Salvation in its wake.

“Hail thou Full of Grace!”

With terror in his hand

And hope upon his brow

The Messenger did stand.

Blinding beyond bright

And mighty more than thought,

Yet gentle in his words

He bade the Girl “Fear not!”

To that humble Virgin,

A question and a prayer,

And That which all men sought

She was asked to bear.

“Be it done,” she said,

And earth and Heaven met

As the Word Made Flesh

Dwelt in her, secret yet.

Creator not created

Humbled Himself for us

In His great wondrous love

Chose our saving thus.

And so it was that night –

A night there was no room –

That in a stable there

Born of the Virgin’s womb

Among modest livestock

And in that simple place

Was born the Child, the Savior

Of the whole human race.

Our Savior in our midst

Laid softly by Her side,

Placed inside a manger

Our sustenance would hide.

“Hosanna in the highest!”

The choirs of angels sang

And all of their rejoicing

Across the heavens rang.

They filled the dark of night

With brightness and with song

And bade the nearby shepherds

To rise and come along,

Invited them to worship,

And gladly to intone

In song and exaltation

Before the manger throne.

The stable was a palace,

For there was the one King.

Of more than earthly beauty

And wealth was His dwelling.

A little baby boy

With the shadow of a cross

Over his sweet head

To make up for our loss.

Love Incarnate who

Would save men by His blood

And break the bonds of debt

And earth with graces flood.

Sing Hosanna then!

For Him Who came to die

To free us from our sin

And redeem you and I.

By Phoenix


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