The Spirit of Christmas Past

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There are some of us, who send out all our Christmas greetings with a hidden sigh,

  And gaze with weary eyes and jaded palate at the banquet, – like a spectre at the feast.

  The ghost of Christmas past lays heavy hands upon our hearts and only we know why.

The secrets we have kept for far too many years, may once again bring sadness and defeat.

Seize the moment; let the shackles of the past be broken and the bitter memories die,

  Memories are just a dream, and life is never quite as troubled as it seems on darker days.

Despite the sorrows of this fickle world, my spirit tells me we were born to live in joy.

  Every day that passes makes us just a little wiser as we take another step along the way.

Raise you glass and wish good cheer to all the loved ones we hold dear!

  Sing a happy song and let the sorrows fade; if only for a single day.

  At times the road we walk seems very dark, and many of us are beset by doubts and fears.

  But we were born to learn to live in joy, and in the end, our joy will find the way.

By Patrick W Kavanagh