When Christmas Was Born: A Father’s Gift

The hills and fields

Were sprinkled with sheep

Resting peacefully in the twilight

Of the starry night.

There was a depth of stillness

That hovered over the land

When an angel appeared

To the humble shepherds

And echoed a message

From on high:

‘Be still and know that I AM God,

And I will send my Son as your Savior,

And through Him

You will have eternal life

And never die.’

It was as simple and miraculous

As a story could possibly be,

And after more than 2000 years,

It has not aged or grown too old

For us to understand

It has been written and designed

By the Creator

Long before our time here began.

Through a Blessed Mother

Protected by a Holy Husband,

He bestowed a perfect and profound present

Upon humanity

As a gift of love and hope,

Wrapped in majesty

For every age to come,

Remaining unchanged

Through all yesterdays…


And tomorrows…

It is an everlasting and timeless joy

Given to our world

By our loving Father

On that most momentous event

In the history of mankind…

When Christmas was born


By The Traveling Troubadour