Fantasy/Sci-Fi Installment 2 Is Published!!

Jolly Old St. Nick has been generous to us! Just in time for Christmas, our second installment of our Fantasy/Sci-Fi Issue is now available for reading on Issuu Format!

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible, authors and graphics designers alike! Its been a true labor of love and Fellowship all around 🙂  

I want to especially acknowledge the stalwart Tech Team (in alphabetical order) – Byrnwiga, Earl Chatham, GWB Cyber Defender, & Vincent Michael – who saw it through to completion in the final hours, even under a holiday time crunch and in the face of  seemingly insurmountable technical odds!

Nevertheless, these Four Wisemen trekked across the deserts of the techno-sphere in order present our  golden literary gifts to the Infant King…for whom we have formed this Fellowship! 🙂

A special thanks also to Ink and Fairydust connections: Jansina, for her patience in assisting with her knowledge of issuu format uploading and reformatting; Courtney for her generosity as editor of I&FD; and Gina for sharing her kindness and literary support.

Please share our production with your family, friends, and contacts, and stay tuned for the archival page-spread counterpart on the Private Archive site (within the week, accompanied by an update message), and the third installment coming up in the New Year!

Christmas Blessings in the Hearts of the Holy Family,

Rosaria Marie, Editor of TFOTK