Mary’s Carol

Oh blessed Mary, my Mother dear!
How I love you so!
Please be my Mother while I’m here,
Until to Heaven I go

You see, Jesus wants to be my Brother
To lay down His life for me
So that must mean you are my Mother
As much to me as to He

What was it like, to gaze on His face?
To press Him to your heart?
To know that He came to save our race?
That one day you would part?

Oh the joy you felt at His coming!
But, oh, the sorrow!
To see Him there, a sweet little thing
Only to lose Him one morrow.

But for a short time He was yours
To cherish and to hold
His light like a perfume that lures
Only those honest and bold

Of these were the wise men three
And shepherds quite a few
Even animals came and bent their knee
While angels spread the news

That God’s only Begotten Son
Had come to save the day
But He wasn’t the only One
Who truly knew the way

So help us, lovely Mother dear
And show us the way!
You became God’s Mother here
Giving us Christmas day.

By Aurora Mandeville