Mystical Waters

I am the gentle caress of the spring rain

I am the reflection of a pond

I am the ebb and flow of the tide revealing hidden treasures

I am the crest of the ninth wave

I am the enchanting call of the sea

I am the bubbling joy of the stream

I am the flowing course of life like the winding of the river

I am a playful leap into a puddle

I am a well of introspection

I am fresh dew on a summer’s morn

I cleanse away the weariness of life

I am tears of sorrow and of joy

I am the energy of a thunderstorm

I am the fury of the deep

I quench the thirst for knowledge

I am the life blood of the earth

I am Boann and MacLir

I am Water

By Tim Mather

(Copyright, 2014)