Fairy Adventures in the Glade: A Sleeping Beauty Fan-Fiction Story


     Daisy yawned and settled into her flower for the night, her wings tucked gently underneath her. “Sleep well,” she called to the two nearest fairies. 

     Sniffles was already asleep on her bed of Echinacea and had been much of the day, but Coli responded in kind. Daisy let out a small sigh. 

     Coli sat up, instantly alert; a fairy is never off duty. “Daisy? Is someone not responding well to your matchmaking?” 

   “No, that’s not it,” Daisy said. “Everyone wants to be in love…they like it when I come around.” 

     Coli Flower flitted to Daisy’s daisy. “I don’t understand. You should be happy. You’re doing your fairy job, and people like it. But that sigh was not a contented one.” 

     Daisy sat up and shook her head. “I’m just being silly.” 

     Coli frowned. “You certainly are not making my fairy job easy.” 

     “It’s just…every day I see people finding love…and every day I come back here and… I’m alone.” 

     Coli scratched her head. “I don’t know what to do, Daisy. I’m supposed to make people happy…but love is your area. And you can’t work your magic on yourself. It’s against the code.” 

     Daisy nodded. “Don’t worry about it. Focus on the people. You’re doing great with them. This morning I even saw a little girl singing and skipping on her way to school.”

     Coli giggled. “That had more to do with it being her last day of classes than it had to do with me.” 

     “You don’t give yourself enough credit. Now shoo…back to bed. Happiness Fairy you may be, but we all know how you are when you haven’t had enough sleep.” Daisy winked and playfully swatted Coli back to her sunflower. 

     Daisy was wakened the next morning by what sounded to her like a screaming banshee. Coli was already at the source of the noise when Daisy got there. 

     “Warren, please be quiet,” Coli was saying. 

     Warren stopped and grinned at Daisy. “You’re up.” 

     “How could I not be?” Daisy looked around, but there was no sign of trouble. “What were you doing?” 


     Coli giggled. 

     “Warren,” Daisy said, as gently as she could, “I have heard you sing. And that was not singing.” 

     “I was warming up.”

     “By destroying your voice?” 

     “Not to mention our eardrums,” Dandeliona whacked the back of Warren’s head. “I’m fairly certain everyone in this vicinity used up their daily wish to make the noise stop. Seriously, Warren. You are annoying.” 

     “You ready to make more lovebirds, Daisy?”Warren asked, reaching for Daisy’s hand.

     Daisy nodded. “Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are wonderful guardians for Aurora, but they’ve given up their fairy powers and can’t help where we’re needed. It will be our birthday present to her.” The two of them flew to the people. 

     “I’ll wake the others if Warren didn’t already do that.” Coli rolled her eyes. 

     “Maybe let Fidget sleep? The longer she sleeps, the fewer wishes I get…”

     Fidget tugged on Dandeliona’s hair, eliciting a groan. “Is it my fault people don’t like my tricks?” 

     “Sort of…” Dandeliona muttered. 

     “So that was Warren making that noise? Remind me to do something    horrid to him later.”

     Fidget winked. “Tansy and Violet have already left, so you don’t need to worry about waking them,” she said, turning to Coli. 

     “And knowing Forest, he did, too. So it’s just Sniffles to wake.” 

     “Good luck.” Dandeliona and Fidget flitted to the people. 

     Sniffles groaned and rolled over. “Five more minutes,” she mumbled. 

     “No. You’ve already overslept. Now come on. Some of the people are sick, and they need you. I can’t make them happy if sickness is why they’re sad.” 

     “I’m up; relax.” Sniffles rolled off her flower. Her wings kicked in before she reached the ground. “Who’s sick today?” 

     Coli named a few, and they flew their separate ways. Soon Coli saw Daisy and Warren, hard at work. They were helping a young couple. Daisy was discretely sprinkling love petals onto the woman’s long, blonde hair, and Warren was playing a tune into the man’s ear. Neither of the people knew they were being helped, of course. The fairies and feys of the Glade preferred to keep their existence a secret. They were small enough to pass as insects, and that’s what the people assumed they were. 

     Warren flew to Daisy. “Phillip and Aurora both learned the song now. Did you sprinkle the petals?”

     Daisy nodded. “They’re prepared to fall in love with the first person who sings to them.” She giggled softly as Phillip’s clear tenor voice was heard, melding with Aurora’s soprano one: “I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream…” 

     Daisy turned to Warren, shaking her head with a slight frown. “You couldn’t come up with more original lyrics than that?” 

     Warren put his hands on his hips. “There is nothing wrong with my lyrics. Just look at them. They’re enchanted!” 

     “I think that has more to do with my petals than your music,” Daisy smiled.

     The song ended, and Aurora began to run. 

     “What’s happening?” Warren asked. “Did the petals wear off?” 

     Daisy crossed her arms. “My petals do not wear off.” 

     “Then explain why we’re losing our princess.” 

     Daisy watched as Phillip called after Aurora, “When will I see you again?” 

     “Oh never—never!” Aurora called back. 

     That would simply not do! Daisy hurried to Aurora’s side and sprinkled a touch of fairydust to mix with the petals—increasing their power. That changed Aurora’s tone, and ‘never’ was replaced with ‘tonight.’ 

     “Told you it was the petals,” Warren said smugly. 

     Daisy frowned. “She’s a stubborn one. I have a feeling this isn’t the last she’ll need our help. I just hope staying in a cottage these last sixteen years will spare her the fate with that spinning wheel.” 

     “Don’t worry, Daisy. With all us fairies and feys to help out, Aurora and Phillip are certain to have a happy ending.” 

     “Of course you’re right. Now come along—Coli told me of another couple needing our help. I think their names were Ella and Charming. There was something about a missing slipper…we’ll figure it out.”

By Jansina

(Originally published on Ink and Fairydust)