Love’s Triumph


The Princess rushed into the wood, still hoping that she could outrun,

The burden of a marriage forced, before the dawning of the sun.

The groom, a Prince, both harsh and cruel, would crush her lovely spirit, sure.

For never was a kinder lass, or one with heart, so sweet and pure.

She thought herself bereft, alone, and did not know, that she had passed,

Into the realm of Faery’s fae, this lovely, desperate, royal lass.

Her tears made tracks, down rosy cheeks, to drop upon enchanted ground,

And upward flew, beings of light, who sang to her, while circling ’round.

“Oh come within our Faery Ring, and dance with us, tonight, tonight,

Ye lovely Princess, so distressed; instead of woe, you’ll find delight!”

But she had heard about the fae, and how, to seven years could grow,

What seemed a night in Faerie’s realm, if into Faerie’s ring, she’d go.

But still, what choice had she at all, for other certain sanctuary?

And so, she stepped into the ring, to dance the ancient steps, of Faery.

Fae Prince there was, within that ring, who felt his heart, within him leap,

To see this beauty, and he knew that surely, ’twas his fate, to keep,

Her ever with him, as his Love; within his heart, he made a vow,

To win her heart, and give her joy and free her from sad fate, somehow.

His powers were great, and true love helped, to weave about, a magic spell,

Around and ’round her form it flew, ’til it had done its purpose well!

Within the circle, while they danced, there came a change, that magic night.

Her height diminished, ’til tiny she, and out her back, for faerie’s flight,

Two wings had grown, of iridescence, and at her side, the Prince of Fae,

Looked in her eyes and offered heart and home and choice, if she would stay.

The magic still could be withdrawn, if she did not, his love, return,

But as she gazed into his eyes, she felt her heart begin to yearn,

And so they grew in love, and joy, and happiness, and gift of choice,

‘Til on a special wedding night, their vows of love, were given voice!

And still they live, within that realm, in laughter, joy and harmony,

For true love had its triumph won, o’er evil and diversity!

By Donna Ferguson Dudley

(Copyright 2015)