Attention, Loyal Readers and Followers…

First, it is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you all, old and new, and thank you for becoming a part of our Fellowship by your interaction with us through your likes, comments, and just by taking the time to read and ponder our works!

Second, we’ve noticed that many of our followers run blogs and seem to have quite a bit of literary talent of their own. Hence, we wanted to issue an official invitation to them (and any of our other literarily inclined readers) to please feel free to submit your own writings for publication here!

We are just finishing up with the final details of launching the second installment of our fantasy/sci-fi themed issue, and then we will start collecting for the third. What we are most in need of is fantasy/sci themed short stories and poems, but we will also welcome any essays on the subject as well. Aside from that theme, we would welcome submissions with just about any theme for our tri-weekly blog rotation.

We welcome submissions that have been published previously, such as on private blogs, etc., and also any school/university papers would be welcome! As always, we will do our utmost to assure that your works receive proper advertisement and heightened readership, and that you receive well-deserved exposure via our media outreach.

To connect about writing for us, please either leave a comment on this site or email us here:


Rosaria Marie, Editor of TFOTK