Emer of the Green Eyes

(Dedicated to my Loving Wife Deb)


While traveling the path from Emain Macha to the shore line of Dun Dalgan

I spied an enchantress come towards me through the mist of the sea

As I gazed into her eyes I was dazzled by the depth of their emerald beauty

For this was Emer child of the Fair Ones

As I peered into those eyes where I saw rage in myself, I saw gentleness in her

And I knew strength

Where I saw searching in myself, I saw introspection in her

And I knew wisdom

Where I saw my complete maleness, I saw in Emer the totality of Womanhood

And I knew utter balance

Where I saw lust in myself, she balanced it with sensuality

And I knew Love

Where I felt passion stirred within my heart, I saw all of nature in her eyes

And knew True Beauty

Where I felt sorrow in my heart, she filled me with joy

And I knew appreciation and contentment

Where I saw abundance, she showed me compassion

And I knew generosity

Where I saw change and anxiety, she showed me adventure

And I knew growth

Where I saw a bubbling cauldron of thoughts and emotions in my mind,

I saw the reflection of the Divine in her eyes…

And I knew myself

By Tim Mather

(Republished with permission of the author, copyright 2003)