Connecting with a Tree

Breathe out through the mouth

Push from the stomach

Then the chest

Roll the shoulder in

Push out the breath

Push it away

Breathe in slowly through the nose

Feel it pass the throat

Fill the chest

Arch your back to fill in every crevice inside

Make yourself bigger and bigger

Until you cannot fill it any more

Hold it

While you see with your minds’ eye

An early autumn leaf drops in front of you

Fast blow it away

Push, push, push the leaf


Send it gone


See with your minds’ eye

The leaf catches the wind and drops to the center of a pool of water.

The water ripples

The silver ripples hit the shore

With each ripple

Breathe in as the ripple touches the shore

Breathe out as the little ebb of the ripple dips back from shore

Let in…let out

Note the leaf slips beneath the water.

Look past the shore

You are in the woods: the forest is dark around you

But all you can see is roots that touch the pool

It is damp

Odd sounds reach your ears

A chill is about the air as mist settle among the tangled roots

Look close

One root seems different than the rest

It slightly shimmers and glows

You can feel this and know its comfort

Follow the root up to the tree trunk

Touch the trunk and relax to the bark beneath your hand

The tree is warm in this cold place.

It welcomes you as only a good home can

Your fingers merge with the tree

You can feel them grow into the tree

You can feel its wood in your nails

Your finger bones

Don’t panic, just breathe

It feels good to be with this tree

This tree also feels good to be with you

You feel its response to you

Let go to the movement of life from the tree

Let go and explore how it taps in the earth

Let go and expand to its canopy

Let there be trust

Suddenly the world blooms with color

The dark is gone

The odd sounds are known

You awake as the tree

You know your neighbors

You know history from before man

You know the life around you

You have always known

You will always know

Feel how this world is open to you

So free, so giving, so trusting

Your tree releases your fingers

Your nails

Your hand starts to become yours

Your hand is gently expelled

Turn to the pool

See how placid

See how it reflects you with your tree behind

The mundane world is becoming more and more your awareness

Breathe back to reality

Touch the pool

The Ripples come ashore…Breathe in

The Ripples pull back from the shore…Breath out.

Open your eyes

Touch your hand

Your fingers

Lay your hands flat and feel the ground

Breathe in

Breathe out

And laugh

By Kathryn Birchfire