Your Voice

I thought I heard a whisper in the wind,

Your voice calling – “Come to me again.”

“My beautiful child” –you said

My thirsting soul, my hungry heart you fed.

I walked a path to Calvary Hill,

You hung from the cross, bound by love and will.

John and Blessed Mary stood by your feet,

You beckoned to me- Come take a seat.

By your feet I sat, head bowed.

Hair covering my face like a shroud.

For me a sinner you chose to die,

All I could do was cry.

Your voice came again, quiet and strong.

“My child,” you said, “To Me you belong.”

“I thirst.” You then cried out.

And a voice in my heart began to shout.

He wanted not water, but our Love he craved.

Jesus died so that all may be saved.

I looked up at my love, broken and bruised.

My savior so hated and abused.

I knew in that moment, it was our sin,

That left those marks upon his skin.

“I’m so sorry.” I cried, inadequate I knew.

But You smiled and whispered back, “I love you.”

My soul leaped and my tears continued to flow,

As I whispered back, “Lord, now I know.”

I finally knew what true love meant.

It came from the one who was Heaven sent.

I opened my hands and gave you my heart.

I knew I had yours from the start.

That day I heard your voice in the wind,

And I knew that although I had sinned,

You stilled loved and wanted me,

You came and set this sinner free.

By Hannah-Bird