The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Lord Jesus,

The next time I am tempted to sin,

Stop me before it’s too late.

Help me think about what I am doing–

What I am doing to You.

And then, in the eyes of my soul…

Lord Jesus, show me Your Sacred Heart,

Humble and meek,

Gentle and mild.

Though You are King,

Creator of the universe,

You became incarnate,

As one of Your own creatures.

You were born in a stable,

Raised in poverty,

Without stately bearing.

Insults, mockery, abject humiliation–

You patiently bore them all

Until You were led away like a lamb,

All in humble submission

To Your Father’s will.

Help me strive to imitate Your humility,

The root of all virtues.

Remind me I am not my own.

You created me.

Help me to surrender my life into Your hands,

Because I belong to You.

Lord Jesus, show me Your Sacred Heart,

Brimming with tenderness and mercy.

You pardoned repentant sinners,

And gave hope to the downtrodden, the weary,

The suffering, and the persecuted.

You looked with pity on the sheep without a shepherd,

And you even forgave Your tormentors

As You hung upon the Cross.

Help me understand that mercy is a precious blessing,

Beyond human measure,

Beyond human comprehension,

Beyond human merit,

That You never cease to give us.

Lord Jesus, show me Your Sacred Heart,

Firm and steadfast,




Imbued with fortitude.

You spoke the truth even when met with hostility

And persevered to the end of all things

On the height of Calvary.

Let me always take refuge in You,

Relying on Your divine power and strength

Rather than my own.

You said that if they persecuted You,

They will persecute me,

But with You by my side, I have nothing to fear.

Lord Jesus, show me Your Sacred Heart,

Torn and ravaged,

Bruised and maimed,

Bleeding and wrapped in thorns

For our sake.

You willingly surrendered Yourself to death–

Death on a cross.

You wished to redeem the human race

From our self-inflicted doom,

So You did not flinch from suffering

That was rightfully ours.

And because You suffered for us,

As one of us,

Life has purpose once more.

Hope of heaven is ours

Because You paid for it dearly.

Lord Jesus, show me Your Sacred Heart,

Enflamed with love for all mankind,

Burning with constant,



And eternal love

Which sustains us.

You are the vine;

We the branches.

Intensify my love for You.

Purify me of my tepidity,

My laziness, my appalling lack of effort.

Strengthen my frail human resolve.

Tear down the barriers that separate me from You.

Help me to remain in Your love

And keep Your commandments.

Help me to love You to the end

As You love me.

Lord Jesus, when I think of Your Sacred Heart,

How can I possibly be so cruel as to ever sin again

And offend You so grievously?

Help me flee from sin.

Pick me up when I stumble and fall.

At the end of my days,

Bring me home

So I may rest, united with Your Sacred Heart

Forever and ever.


By Ellen Virginia