The Ballad of the Crumbs

Peeking Mouse

There once upon a legend lived

A tiny grey-furred mouse,

Who found it his sole want and goal

To flee from Human’s house.


He’d high-cocked ears upon his head,

A finely swishing tail,

And the fastest legs e’re known to mice

To speed him through our tale.


His name was Crumbs, a mighty champ

Among the realm of mouse.

Crumbs was a daring prisoner

Within the Human’s house.


He wanted nothing but escape

Within his tiny heart.

And so, when all was still and deep

He made his valiant start.


With all the speed known to those legs

He scampered ‘cross the floor

Then tragedy! He had been seen!

He hid quite near the door.


Time and again he made his dare

To dart forward towards the light.

But every time he sensed his captors

Watching him that night.


Alas! He did not know how they

Desired him to creep

Away, as much as he himself!

For sake of their own sleep.


He felt cold wind from open door

Brush through his whiskers long

He held his breath and darted forward

To freedom, towards the dawn!


He braved the night and rain and fear

He scorned the baying dog

He laughed at humans lurking near,

And freedom lit his jog.


So ends the tale of Crumbs, our champ

Who fled from Human-home,

Upon his speedy legs to race,

Forever more to roam.

By Clare Therese