Enchanted Melodies: A Fantasy Music Review


     I have a soundtrack for just about everything. Whether I’m outdoors or indoors, crazy or sane, ready to drop dead or bouncing off the walls; you name it, I’ve got background music for it. So when I feel like having a fantasy party, an impromptu fairy dance, a poetry spree, or just feel like goofing around, there are several awesome pieces of music that come to mind.

Enya – one of the best all-around artists of fantasy or traditional music, and a great go-to for any occasion, Enya’s songs are truly magical sounding. Some of my particular favorites are: ‘Caribbean Blue’, ‘Only Time’, ‘Flora’s Secret’, and ‘Adiemus’.

Mike Rowland – his fairy pieces on the album Fairy Ring really seem to transport me to a land of eternal spring, bright flowers, and mysterious little people. ‘Into the Fairy Ring’ is especially beautiful.

Secret Garden – a little more on the Irish side, this band does a lot of traditional-sounding music that makes me feel like doing a jig or reel on the spot. They also have some slower songs like ‘Nocturne’ that are great for quiet evenings – and for when you don’t want to see me performing (very poorly) some Irish dancing!

Deuter – this artist is the creator of many breathtakingly beautiful and stupendously long pieces. ‘Lovesong from the Mountains’, ‘Earth Shadow’, and ‘Sea and Silence’, never fail to get my creative juices flowing during a writing session.

Philip Wesley – the album Dark Night of the Soul contains some of his best and most stunning work, in my opinion.

Helen Jane Long – a personal favorite of mine, I actually haven’t heard a song of hers that I don’t like yet. Two of her albums in particular come to mind, Embers and Porcelain. I really can’t narrow it down more than that. I love all her pieces so much!

    Those are the main ones I like to listen to. Some other suggestions are:

Pushkar – ‘The Shore’

Eva Cassidy – ‘Fields of Gold’

Loreena McKennitt– ‘Mummer’s Dance’

Kevin Kern – ‘The Enchanted Garden’

    I’m sure there’s a whole world of fantasy music I haven’t even begun to touch on here, but hopefully this will give anyone who’s interested in looking up some amazing music an idea of where to start, and some great pieces to listen to along the way.

By Phoenix

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