Song of Truth

A song forever buried in my heart

Begins to form a melody so sweet

Surpassing ev’ry ordinary art

It grows in richest harmony

So poignant, one can almost see

The notes that pierce my soul like icy sleet

The faintest strums of someone’s old guitar

Rise softly like a cool September breeze

And caught by ears awaiting from afar

Rouse longing deep within

For true beauty without sin

What greater sounds inspire the heart than these?

Play me the ballad with no need for words

That courts the maiden fair within her tower

That conquers with no need for guns or swords

Yet pure as Holy Mary’s grace

Doth nothing good and true efface

But rings with chords like unto Heaven’s power

The song of truth play gallantly I must

And I’ll bring tears to Hades’ stony eyes

When speaking fails to win my fellow’s trust

My music will transform his mind

Bring back the dead and heal the blind

Its beauty then will come as no surprise.

By Hobbita