Christ Our Light

The church is silent, dark and still,

With emptiness that’s soon to fill.

The altar is graced with lilies white,

A pure and most refreshing sight.


The time has come; we turn to see

The flame that burns so steadily,

The Easter candle, soaring high

A light that will not ever die.


 For Christ our light, it signifies

As right before our very eyes

The flame begins to grow and spread,

Igniting hope while crushing dread.


Because our Lord is truly here,

We have not any need to fear.

And we know that in this hour,

 Sin and death have lost their power.


The church is lit with glowing flame,

And now the darkness has no claim.

We’re seized with truth we’ve always known,

A light that comes from Christ alone.


The Easter candle, burning bright

Reminds us of our Savior’s might,

His death and rising from the grave

For love of those He wished to save.



By Ellen Virginia