Please Write Back

Signing the deal


Write something!

Write to tell me you’ll never write again,

That I’ll never hear your voice again

That I’m a silly, immature child

Write anything!


I’m crying now,

Fighting with myself

Because I don’t have you to fight with

All I have is silence,

Silence given back in exchange for words

Tart, frustrated words


Tell me a little story,

Or some foolish joke,

Like you used to do on Sundays

I know you’ve moved on since then,

And so have I

But I’d still give anything to hear them


Forgive me;

I’m a sentimental fool,

But I love the way you wrote

And the way you spoke,

So simple and sincere

You opened my heart to love


I hear old songs –

How they bring back memories

Of shared ideals and passions

The great quests, the lovers,

Romances spun by fools,

O! What a fool I am!


The lecturing finger,

The shaking head,

Telling me that this is life

I must forget you and let you go

But my head is in a muddle,

And my heart breaking like glass


I laugh;

How stupid, stupid I am!

I laugh until the tears come down,

Hot water, scalding salt

Please, please write

Write something!

By Rosaria Marie