A Light that Darkness Cannot Kill: Sam’s Song to Frodo

It’s been a dark and weary road

And still he strains beneath his load;

He cares not that his task is vain

And perseveres in spite of pain.

He crumples facedown on the ground,

Too weak to even make a sound.

I pick him up, caress his brow,

While desperation floods me now.

I gaze down at his anguished face

And think, we cannot win this race.

All I can do is wonder, why?

Will my beloved Master die?


I saw the struggle in his eyes,

So blue and somber, old and wise.

He knew he had a task to do

And might not live to see it through.

He simply said that he must flee,

And that was quite enough for me.

The road ahead was long and black;

I knew that I could not turn back

And quit my job before the end –

Enough that Frodo was my friend.

I saw him fall on Weathertop,

Pierced by a blade I couldn’t stop.

Helplessly, I watched him fade

Beyond the reach of mortal aid.

I felt the pangs of dismal fear;

All I could do was keep him near,

Until the horse whisked him away,

While I had naught to do but stay

And watch him disappear from sight,

Pursued by Riders black as night.

I saw him lying in that bed,

Gaining strength, as Elrond said,

But while he lay, as pale as death,

I never drew an easy breath.

I sat beside him, clasped his hand,

My heart constricted with a band

Until he woke up with a smile

That soothed my worry for a while.

In Rivendell I could forget

About the risky course we’d set.

I saw him search for nerve to speak

As he sat, so small and meek

Among the great, who could not dare

To take the heavy burden there,

The mountain chasm, filled with fire,

A mission hopeless, dim and dire.

His small voice rang out, firm and clear,

Devoid of any trace of fear.

I was awed at what I heard him say:

I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.”

I saw him mourn when Gandalf fell;

His eyes mirrored grief he could not tell.

We lost a friend, our help and guide,

And brutal was the pain inside,

A wound that would not ever heal –

The throbbing sting was all too real.

I wished him comfort in our loss,

But all my effort seemed like dross.

Still more the Ring crushed down his soul;

More dim and hopeless grew his goal.

I saw him slip away alone

And heard the firmness in his tone.

He declared the way he had to take:

Alone for our companions’ sake.

I did not agree and told him so;

I’d wreck the boats before I’d let him go.

He laughed and told me he was glad;

A greater joy I’ve never had.

I saw him, rigid at the Gate,

Determined to accept his fate

And push on until his deed was done,

For what comes after must come.

I didn’t try to change his mind

Or make protest of any kind.

I could not dissuade his noble heart,

And I had known that from the start –

His iron will would never bend

Before we reached our journey’s end

I saw him lying sound asleep,

At rest in peace and silence deep.

His face was free from care or fright;

Light shone within him, strong and bright.

He looked old and marked by shaping years

Yet beautiful. This much was clear:

His light would never be put out

And I loved him without a doubt.

I saw him stand in Shelob’s lair,

Confront the unknown terror there.

With nothing but his elven blade

And the Lady’s light, he made

The glowing evil eyes retreat –

The elves would sing of such a feat.

My master never looked so brave

As in that dark and stagnant cave;

While in that pit, so dead and black,

A ray of light I did not lack.

I saw him limp upon the ground,

Ensnared in cords that held him bound.

His hands were cold, his heart was still;

I cradled him and cried my fill.

Dear Frodo was now dead and gone –

How could I ever journey on?

I feared to break my master’s trust

Yet journey on I thought I mist.

I left and tried to quell the ache –

The worst mistake I’d ever make.

I saw him, helpless, weak and mild

In my arms he rested like a child.

Beaten and stripped of everything,

He thought he failed and lost the Ring.

He couldn’t voice his agony –

He hid his crushed soul even from me.

How I longed to take his load –

But I knew, as I was told,

The Ring was his alone to bear,

And for hiimself he had no care.

I saw despair he could not hide

Because no matter how he tried,

He could not flee the wheel of fire.

His memories sunk into the mire

Of darkness, nowhere to be found;

The Eye harassed him all around.

He struggled forward on his knees,

And something broke inside of me –

Heedless of my life and limb,

I raised him up and carried him.


Now –

We huddle on this slope of doom;

For hope my heart holds no more room.

He begs me clasp his straying hand

That doesn’t answer his command –

A side of him no one but me

Will ever understand or see.

I squeeze it, kiss it, call him dear,

Remind him that his Sam is near.

I’d do anything for him to live;

My every drop of blood I’d give.

It doesn’t matter anymore

What fate lies for us in store.

We came to do what good we may;

What comes will come on this grim day.

All I must do is help my friend –

That’s all that counts before the end.

The star that shines up in the sky

Says light and beauty dwell on high.

And light shines on in Frodo still

That darkness cannot ever kill.

I don’t know why he had to take the Ring,

But I know I’m sure of this one thing:

I love him, whether or no.

By Ellen Virginia