Distant thunder echoes off the hills;

My heart with trepidation fills

As darkness creeps across the sun,

Announcing that the storm’s begun.

The clouds advance with frightening speed,

Their pent-up fury finally freed.

They sweep the world beneath their shroud;

No creature dares to make a sound.

The rumbling threat grows ever near

Until the building storm in here.

As its power escalates,

All we can do is watch and wait.

A burst of wind whips through the trees,

Lashing limbs with startling ease.

They falter, rocking feverishly,

And bear the onslaught wearily.

The rain pours down with ruthless force

And pounds the leaves without remorse.

A chill to summer’s air it brings;

It murmurs like a living thing.

Bright lightning, rending gloom and dark,

With brilliance intense and stark,

Reveals the world in one brief flash;

Then thunder follows with a crash.

As I watch, my fear soon fades away;

Strange fascination comes to stay.

The storm is fierce and violent, true,

But there’s wild beauty in it, too.

I marvel at the stirring sight

Of our Creator’s unleashed might.

Who could claim that God is just a lie

When tribute to Him floods the sky?

By Ellen Virginia