A Man for All Seasons: An Anthem


   (While watching that classic of classics, A Man for All Seasons, I was inspired to write words in tribute to St. Thomas More and all the Catholic Recusants to match  the film’s the powerful Tudor-era theme music that accompanies the intro credits. The following is the result of my work.)


 Foolish men have prattling tongues

Yet the wisest use no words

Purest songs go unsung

Though the din, though the din

Is heard


Foolish men seek out a name

Yet the wisest hold their own

Set aside without shame

Standing strong, standing strong



What’s the price, what’s the price

Of God’s truth?

What’s the sum, what’s the sum

Of Man’s worth?


Wild winds are blowing, strange seeds are growing here

Long time refusing harsh voices causing fear


Foolish men cling to their lives

Yet the wisest lay them down

Truth’s the daughter of time

Not the court, not the court

Nor crown


Foolish men will fade away

Yet the wisest never die

Seasons pass, yet they stay

Evermore, evermore


By Rosaria Marie