Love Is Not An Accident

Love is not an accident

Of chemicals that crossed in space

It flows from Everlasting Choice

And rushes with a Timeless Grace


For out of nothing, nothing comes

Yet that which fills can never drain

It is the essence of the soul

The proof of some transcendent plain


Random reactions ne’er could weave

The surge of passions, strength of will

The beauty heard in Nature’s Song

The knowing it is wrong to kill


What worth the kiss true lovers shared?

What worth the glories of the field?

What worth the life with virtue charged?

What worth the death with honor sealed?


We are not products of blind force

We are creations of a Mind

That spoke the Word that made us whole

Though He is sometimes hard to find


Some found Him in the stars on high

But lost Him when they fell and smashed

Some found Him when their heart beat high

But lost him when their hopes were dashed


In darkest night, our terror reared

We tried to clutch our dream, but no!

It faded fast, and flew away

When wintry winds began to blow


The battle of our nature raged

The Beast in us consuming all

Or worse the Human sin of Pride

Building false gods doomed to fall


We sought Him in the desert dry

We sought Him in the forests lush

We sought Him in the clamorous day

We sought Him in the nighttime hush


Now on this night He comes to us

Who searched for Him so many ways

He is not as we thought He’d be:

An infant shivering in the hay


Not some knight in armor clad

Not some king in raiment gold

But a naked innocence

Trembling in winter’s cold


The Essence of Reality

Lies helpless in a feeding troth

Our hard hearts bleed to hear him cry

We comfort him with baby-talk


Once and for all we swallow pride

And kneel down, not from force, but choice

Our hearts, corrupted, now are cleansed,

Washed by the maiden mother’s voice


She gathers up the Word of Life

He strokes her face, as babies do

She smiles, and holds Him out to us

And then He strokes my own face, too


Is that a smile on His face?

As my own cheeks are wet with tears?

Where were you, little baby, where?

When I was wrapped in darkest fears?


Yet now they fade like bursting stars

The night has broke; the dawn is come

For Love is not an accident

The world can glory in the Son

By Avellina Balestri