A Mother’s Love

The outside world is cruel and hard;

To us the strangers’ doors are barred.

But in this stable, small and cold,

I’ve seen this miracle unfold.

I gaze upon your peaceful face

Radiating heavenly grace.

I know You’re not just any child;

Your innocence is undefiled.

We’ve longed for you in ages past;

Can it be true You’ve come at last?

I wonder still how this can be?

Why have you selected me?

You’re here to save all humankind—

A task that’s quite beyond my mind.

What will Your earthly future bring?

What suffering and painful sting?

I can’t but tremble at my fear,

Caress Your cheek and hold you near.

My human heart feels all too frail;

The future’s hidden by a veil.

And yet—that doesn’t matter now.

My strength I know You will endow.

You are the Father’s only Son;

The victory’s already won.

For now, You’re resting in my arms,

Safe from reach of any harm.

My heart is filled with hope and joy

That evil’s helpless to destroy.

You’re a blessing I do not deserve,

But I said “yes”; I will not swerve.

I give You my undying love,

My God, descended from above.

By Ellen Virginia