More than Memory


Is there a day when bruises heal,

War’s fingerprints cease to reveal

A frail survivor left alone,

The loneliness that I now feel?

And is this grieving all my own,

Locked within my skin and bone?

Tears sealed behind my eyes to burn

With all the names of those I’ve known?

And do survivors ever learn

To feel the joy their fight should earn,

To view the world again as a child,

When alone from darkness they return?

Do you still remember how to smile?

Do you remember the faith that no fear can defile?

Do you remember the songs to the sky we sent

Through the harshness of every mile?

I rode out with you against the sin,

To keep the Light of stars in men,

Don’t abandon the hope I died to leave,

Hold to the good I left you to defend.

For there is more left than remembering,

More than burial songs for you to sing,

You are not alone—you stand in sunrise,

In a Love that is more than memory.

I feel a song in my throat revive

Warmer still than the tears I cried,

For there is more than memory,

For there is more than memory.

By Clare Therese