Canticle to the Creator



  Blessed be the Creator of the Universe who has put me where I am from all time and eternity. May I come to better understand Him through the beauty of His creation, our mother earth. May I hear His voice in the bird’s song and thunder cloud, see His handiwork in the delicate violet and mighty oak, smell heavenly perfume in the scent of pine and falling rain. May every breath I take honor Him, and refresh my body and soul. May I give and receive love, just as I breathe in and out. May I manage the gifts of nature and be a good steward of these gifts. Let me treat my body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit, making sure that the food that goes into my mouth, and the words that come out of it, are wholesome and pure.

     May I learn the balance between venerating the old and embracing the new, seeking new opportunities to be of service to all living things, especially the least of my brothers and sisters. May I always appreciate the priceless quality of all life, especially that which is most vulnerable. May I be guided to the meaningful relationships and activities that will make me a better person. May I always be grateful for life, for human relationships, and experiences that help me learn and grow. May I be appreciative of second chances and gift of forgiveness when I make mistakes.

     May I learn to let go of sinful tendencies that may hinder my spiritual growth. May I accept the graces given me, act upon what is right, and reject what is wrong. May His love fill me with a desire to teach truth and create beauty, as a sub-creator sharing in the wonder of bringing forth what is new and refreshing what is old. May I find a balance between passion and discipline as an artist and an activist. May I be inspired by all that is good, coming from the Hand of the Greatest Good.

     May I never forget that I was born into the world for a purpose, and never despair that I am loved by my Creator. May I always seek His Will in my life, following His call to be a force for good in the world through a specific vocation. Though the path may be mist-laden, may I have the peace of mind to take it one step at a time, knowing that God will reveal all things in time. Through free-will, I am a co-creator in the Providential plan. Let me never violate this trust in may by straying into darkness. May His Spirit transform and inspire me to reach my full potential as His Daughter. May the artist within me create truth and beauty through words, images, and the magical weave of music.

     May I be thankful for the current of Providence running through the journey of my life, and may I be filled with his unconditional Divine Love so that I may extend it to all those I encounter. Even to those who see themselves as my enemies, let me turn the other cheek and show them the love of God. May I never lose my awareness of and connection to the spiritual world, no matter how strong the pull of this earthly plain may be on me. May the Great God of Mercies heal any generational wounds that may have been caused, and help me to show mercy to every living thing. May I have clarity of objective judgments, but be wary to make subjective judgments of others, leaving that to the Searcher of All Hearts.

     May I love and honor my parents more deeply, and embrace my position in my family and working harder to be a proactive member of that unit. May I appreciate their wisdom that comes with experience and the love they have shown me since my birth. May I forgive their short-comings as I forgive myself for areas where I fall short, realizing that God forgives us, the slate is wiped clean and we start over again. May my love and honor of family extend back through the generations, as I pray for their souls. My I see all of humanity as my family, since we are all Children of the same Father, whether we are here or there, in this world or in another.

     May I learn to accept the things I cannot chance, but never lose vision of the way things should be, nor the passion to bring about that which I am able. Never let me lose the force of will to battle for a better world, and may an evening star ever shine ahead of me on the lonely road. May the Light of the Son ever cause the shadows to fly away, as an oil lamp dispels the darkness. May I learn from the world around me, while never losing my innocence. May I unite all my sufferings with the Crucified Redeemer and those suffering throughout the world. May I never become cynical, and learn to move on after events that wound me.

     May I love my community and give of myself to better the lives of those nearby me. Let us all learn the power of unity and diversity, knowing that whether in prayer, work, or social endeavors, our unique talents and attributes better and stronger joined together. Let me help others, but also never be too proud to accept help myself. May I not seek praise and recognition in the good deeds I do, but for the joy of being of service to others, and to inspire others to do likewise. May I be guided to meaningful events to involve myself in, and friendships to forge. May I see each occurrence and situation in my life as part of a greater whole. May I never despair, knowing that, in the end, justice is inevitable in the overall scheme of things.

     May I have the strength to forgive all those who have hurt me in the past. May I have peace in the midst of strife, joy in the heart of sorrow, and the power of discernment to know when I am being called upon to act. May I be given the strength to overcome evil with good, and be a peace-maker in the midst of anger. May I speak the truth with compassion and clarity, keeping channels of communication open, and never giving up on dialogue, even when difficulties occur. May I have focus on finding solutions to problems through positive and proactive responses. May I always work to restore relationships shattered by misunderstanding, and to appreciate differences while remaining true to my own beliefs.

     May I be given the Words of the Holy Spirit when I am called upon to speak, and may the flame of love burn my lips and the arrow of love pierce my heart. May I have eyes to see the beauty around me, and honor that beauty. May I focus on all that is true and noble, and banish evil thoughts. Let me see the inner beauty of myself and all people instead of by physical attributes, reaching out to them as a “soul-friend” and basing  all relationships and transactions upon integrity and sincerity. May I take responsibility for my actions and not blame others. May I accept the criticism of others and work to be a better person.

     May I reach out in friendship to everyone and everything I meet, and act responsibly towards all living creatures, knowing that it is a great honor to be alive and that I am made in the image and likeness of The Creator. May I have a depth of compassionate and a yearning to aid all those in need throughout the world, whether I know them or not. May I respect all forms of life, and act in a way that attracts respect from others.

     May I learn to be contented with my station in life, however simple, and appreciate the richness of life in ever act of my day. Let me keep my focus on the present moment, and aware of the large and small miracles around me. May I always appreciate the interconnected web of nature and the miraculous, being aware of those extraordinary events that make themselves manifest at just the right moment. Let me have faith in the power of Providence, that right will ultimately triumph, and all things will unfold according to a Divine purpose. May I cultivate patience, waiting on God and submitting to events beyond my control, and maintain serenity in the midst of frustration.

     May I find balance in all things, and help me to discern it, finding stability in the midst of change. May I overcome the of fear death and embrace it as a door to a new life when the designated time comes. May I be prepared at that moment, and the times when I must lose loved ones through it in this world. May I always remember that those who have gone before are more real than ever, and that the Divine Life is beyond time and space. May I never forget them during our separation, and never lose hope of seeing them again.

     May I find comfort in the ebony cloak of night, and the music of stillness that wraps the earth. May my heart feel peace in the silence, marveling at the sacredness of the Divine Creator, of my eternal soul, and my connection with all living things. May I appreciate the gift of sleep, another form of inner stillness to revitalize my body and soul. May my thoughts be of peace, and my dreams be of peace, and may I arise in the morning with renewed purpose to be the best I can be in this Creation of the Divine Creator.

By Avellina Balestri