Hope is a spark

Like a solitary Star at midnight, it holds a promise

Of life, of a dawn after the dark

We have walked in shadows and languished in solitude,

But upon our night a Light has arisen.

Peace is a warmth

Like the sound of a mother’s voice, it welcomes

Weary hearts to a place of rest, of comfort

The world is cruel to the weak and imperfect,

But the heart of the Savior is a haven to us.

Joy is a flame

Like a burst of wings and sweet voices, it proclaims

Hosanna in a frosted soul, a frozen field

Our feet fly over the ground to greet the King; we are poor in spirit,

But a great light has kindled within our hearts.

Love is a fire

Like the pulsing of a tiny heart, it breathes life into

A world of stone, a life spent in darkness

The incense in our hands is imperfect, our gold is blemished

But our hearts have been made anew

By Clare Therese