The Summoned Book

Introductory verse

(Also a tribute to Lewis Carroll, one of my favorite authors next to Tolkien)


“The time has come,”

The Walrus said,

“To talk of many things.

“Of elves and swords

“And wizard-staves,

“Of gold and Dwarven kings,

“And why the Thrush knocks on the rock

“And whether Smaug has wings.”

In the middle of the bookshelf

Squeezed by heavy tomes galore

Sits a ragged little volume

Recounting tales of elven lore.


Though it gathers dust neglected

And long waits for eager eyes,

This brief tale of great adventure

Lights a flame that never dies.


Now as they day approaches,

And the tickets have been sold,

The time has come for reading

The hero’s tale so bold.


It’s not The Silmarillion

(I cringe to touch that page!)

It’s not my dearest trilogy

That’s for another age.


I reach now for the smallest;

My fingers gently call

The soon-to-theaters Hobbit,

The sweetest of them all.

By Hobbita