When Music Plays


Awestruck, I close my eyes and let this music

Bear me away to

Countries of unknown beauty; lands yet to be

Discovered by human

Eyes. I

Fly among the stars as the music transcends

Gravity; I feel the warm sun of

Harvest-time, forgetting harsh winter as

I escape into a new world.

Jesting with reality, the harmony

Keeps me riveted to the seat, and I clutch the arms

Lest I float away; alone with just

Myself, beauty, and the Creator of beauty.

Notes give me wings and flow through my soul,

Over the weariness of life,

Past my own littleness, letting me know a

Quick moment of pure art. It

Resonates within, giving me joy,

Settles on my shoulders like bird feathers, and

Tickles my imaginative brain,

Unlocking the doors that were closed,

Veering me away from fear and

Worthless ideas.

‘Xempt from limitations, I soar,

Yielding to the glory and power as the song climbs to its

Zenith and reaches down to take me with it.


By Clare Therese