If I Could Speak in Elvish


If I could speak in Elvish

I would stump all my friends

Saying things in a tongue

That they could not understand.

I could tell my darkest secrets

And they still would be unknown.

I could say my greatest wishes

In a language all my own.


But, alas, I don’t speak Elvish,

And I can tell you why.

There are no Elves here to tell me

If I’m saying the words right.

Some words are inside Tolkien’s books,

like mellon, that’s for friend;

But I can’t use just those few words

to convey what I wish to send!

If only there were Elves

that lived upon the earth.

Then I could learn their language,

I’d learn for all I’m worth!


I would go and seek them out,

Wherever they might be.

I would get to know the Elves,

and get them to teach me!


How do Elves pronounce H?

Do they have a letter Z?

If only I could go find out;

If I could go and see!

Oh, the language of the Elves!

How strange, yet fair it seems!

I tell you, I can speak it,

But only in my dreams.

By Frodo Baggins