Aragorn’s Victory Song

I see a fire behind your eyes

That darkness cannot quell;

As ashes from the mountain rise,

You’ll storm the gates of Hell

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


The ancient lava from the earth

Is cool beside the flame

That burns within a faithful breast

And earns a man his fame

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


The Evening Star shines on my path,

Her voice rings in my ears,

Her kisses, gold, rest on my lips,

Her eyes are free from fear

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


These visions are my only guide

Through haunted, sleepless nights

When cold and hunger choke the soul

And swallow heaven’s light

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


I see the doors of Sauron’s hall

Open wide, like jaws;

They seek to grind the worth of man

And banish all our laws

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


The silver stroke of death is near,

And it may well claim me,

But He who calls the sun to rise

Will shape my destiny

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


The hall beyond these mortal bounds

Will open wide to me,

And there where light is never dimmed

I’ll spend eternity

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


To fight for love of all that lives

And challenge fickle fate

May prove to be our secret power

And triumph over hate

Mornie Utulie, Horo!


Let the howl of wolves be heard

And the clash of shattered shields;

We’ll show the world how gallant men

Can die but never yield!

Mornie Alantie, Horo!


By Avellina Balestri