How Many Kinds of Sweet Flowers Grow?: Springtime Floral Photos

     Spring is my favorite season. It is when the frost melts, the grass turns green, and flowers burst into bloom. The beautiful colors and shapes of flowers make them excellent photo subjects, so each spring I try to get outside and take some good snapshots of the prettiest blooms I can find. Here’s my latest batch of floral photography – some of the best shots of flowers I’ve ever taken!


Bright Blossoms: I don’t know what kind of flowers these are, but they sure are great photo subjects! I love how the flowers are crystal clear and the background is slightly blurred. You can achieve so many great effects with photography!

Bright Blossoms(1)

Perfect Peonies: While visiting my local zoo in May, I spotted these gorgeous flowers and knew they would make for a great picture. They were outside of the primate house, of all places. I guess they needed the outside to look attractive so that the guests wouldn’t be totally repelled by the smell.

Perfect Peonies(1)

Seeing Pink: These bright pink azaleas grow in my backyard, right next to the house. This year they seemed to be doing better than previous years, so I made sure to capture their beauty forever in a photo.

Seeing Pink(1)

– by Frodo Baggins