Home: Song of the Water Faerie

From water I was born to life

I rose through waves to joy and strife

To be a guardian and a guide

To Earth and ocean, sea and sky

That were not home.

I breathed the salt of ocean-tide

I rode the currents, warm and wide

I soared o’er lake and pool and sea

Sweet summer winds did carry me

But never home.

I swept along the river-path

Rejoiced in rainstorm’s aftermath

I saw the daybreak, soaring high

Wash over all the sand and sky

But ’twas not home.

I wept as rain abandoned Earth

My weeping watered and gave birth

To seed which bloomed into Their bread;

Their precious children I had fed,

And yet I longed for home.

At night I lie beneath the stars,

And still I dream of home afar.

This life is like an endless sea,

Ever drifting under me

It makes me ache for home.

I’ve seen the beauty of the world

Since first my young wings were unfurled

I hold its agony and rain

Within my heart, as my own pain

For it is Their home.


But when I leave the ocean-foam,

The water I was made to roam,

Called at last, one weary flight

To rest forever in the Light,

I’ll know that I am home.


By Clare Therese