Thinning Veil

“At this time of the Thinning Veil, may the veil of our own hearts
be likewise thin and permeable…”

The Prophecy of the One Ring: Prologue

“‘Edmund, get away from there!’ his mother screamed, hauling him back from the window. ‘What did you think you were doing?'”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 1

“’We are planning a feast for the Night of the Ancestors, My Lord…”

Where Your Treasure Lies: A Spiritual Reflection on an Election Year

“Store up your treasures in Heaven, for where your treasure lies, there also lies your heart, and no vote can ever take that away.”

The Admiral

“The day I saw the Admiral for the first and final time, my mouth fell wide open, and my eyes blinked with surprise!”

Testament: Part 2

“Always, in all things, the Vulcan mind is made paramount. I tell you, your minds are full but your souls are empty…”

Arthur and the Vale of Shadows: A Tale of Dracula in the Days of Camelot

“Hear the cry of your blood-bought son. Shadows around me seek to destroy my very soul and snuff out my life, but You are with me…”

A Literary Odyssey: Ten books That Have Left a Strong Impression on Me

“I found that the earlier works had the greatest impact on my life. If I had not been a voracious reader as a child, I doubt that I would have been as drawn to the path of a writer…”

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